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How To Earn Coins?

How To Earn Coins?

How do you earn and spend Coins at ProTipster?

All you have to do to earn Coins at ProTipster is entering tips and getting ranked at the monthly competition leaderboards. Tipsters that are successful earn millions of Coins at our monthly tipster competitions. You can exchange 1 million Coins with 100 $ cash, or 2.5 million Coins with 250 $ of cash (paid in bitcoins) - simple as that. 

If you do not know how to enter tips at ProTipster, you may get help by clicking here. 

What must I do to enter the competition?

Nothing except for entering tips. Every tip you enter at ProTipster is automatically contributing to your monthly performance at each leaderboard. You can check the leaderboards every day to see how you are doing. 

Which sports are included in the competitions?

We believe sports experts should be rewarded specifically so we are running 4 independent leaderboards for each sport: football, basketball, tennis and ice hockey. This means you don’t need to worry that your football tips are going bad - perhaps it’s basketball you can prove yourself at!

Any other rules I need to know about?

We need to remind you that your cumulative tips must be profitable each month to earn reward Coins. Ranking at leaderboards isn’t based on hit rate, yield or number of tips. We only look at total profit within the calendar month. You also need to enter minimum 10 tips to get ranked in the leaderboard of a sport. 

What will I do with these Coins after I win?

This is the fun part. You will visit the Shop and check what you can buy.

Any cash rewards?

Of course! You can buy 250 $ cash for 2.5 million Coins and 100 $ cash for 1 million Coins. We will ask you for your personal information to do KYC checks before we pay out your cash reward so please check our Privacy Policy. Please remember that we only pay cash rewards via Bitcoins and no other payment system.

If you are still unsure of some things, please email us at [email protected] and we will answer them as quickly as we can. 

* Legal warning: ProTipster is a social betting platform for 18+ users only. We are rewarding our successful tipsters with reward Coins that can be used to purchase prizes including cash rewards. ProTipster Coin is worth nothing outside ProTipster platform and it is a virtual money. We hereby guarantee that we never claim any deposits or financial contribution from our users for joining the competitions or claiming their rewards. 

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